Bill's Workshops

here's the callers' workshop I did in Washington DC in 2002: callers workshop

The following list is of workshops I have done or feel resonably confident I could do. The first set are actual "workshops" and the second set are short dance programs with a theme, often called "workshops" at festivals, weekends and the like.

Callers' Workshop (sit down version) Here's the kind of stuff that could be in the workshop:  callers' workshop
Callers' Workshop (stand up version - callers call to live music. Done with a fiddler and myself on guitar or a whole band)
Family Dance Callers' Workshop (working with kids or groups of all ages)
Contradance Choreography Workshop (writing dances)
Contradance Guitar
Contradance Bass
Contradance Band Workshop (working together, working with caller, sound person)
Cajun Guitar
Sound System Workshop
Dance "Style" Workshop (increase your enjoyment by learning to dance smooooth...)
Introduction to Contradancing (this is a workshop for beginners. For kids or adults or BOTH)

Well Balanced Contras (balances in MANY ways)
Nutty Contras (modern contras with figures borrowed from old Chestnuts)
Smooth Flowing Contras
Crafty Contras (dances with unusual moves)
Hot Contras, Sweet Waltzes (I need to work with the band on this one. The dancers love it!)