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Hi. Welcome. This is a picture of me doing what I do, calling dances and playing guitar. I also play upright bass.  I have a couple things to offer that I believe are unique. The first is calling and playing for contra dances and contra dance events and weekends. Click here if you want to know more about that.  I also teach and call for community dances, family dances, school residencies and celebratory events of all kinds. click here for more info about that. In each case, I am available solo or with a band.  For more info about my bands,  look over to the right hand side of this page..

Dance Compositions

Well it's been a while.. BUT.. check out the NEW dances! (There are over 50 contradances and circle mixers in here. And more to come!)

My Schedule


Contact me:  Bill Olson

My Bands
I play in 3 bands and we are available to play for Contradances, Cajun dances, dance camps and weekends, school workshops and dances, community/family dances, concerts, weddings, community events.

For a list of festival and dance camp workshops, click here: 
 Bill's Workshops

 Stories and other stuff

A Year's worth of Gigs 
 (See what I did in the year 2004!)

Contra Corner

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